I’m Re-Obsessed with “The Parent Trap” and It’s Giving Me Major Fashion Inspo

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Let’s relive the most fashionable looks from the hit 1998 family flick “The Parent Trap”, shall we? A movie I have seen MAYBE ten thousand times. As a kid, I inserted it into the DVD player so many times I forever fucked up the disc. I’m not going to pretend however that I took any notice of the fashion way back then. I was like eight, and I didn’t care about clothes (unlike what snooty-front-rowers at VOGUE will tell you).

“I knew I wanted to work in fashion from the MOMENT I was BORN!”

“HA! I knew I wanted to work in fashion while my father’s sperm was swimming to meet the egg. Who did you say you worked for again?”

Rather, the allure of the film rested much more strongly with the mischievous techniques employed by Hallie and Annie Parker to reunite their parents. My sisters and I are also “The Parker Sisters”…… the Parkers who FAILED to get their parents back together. As a consolation prize, at least we have this film overflowing with iconic looks to take us from our mum’s place to our dad’s.

Look #1 — What the “California Cool Girl” looked like before Brandy Melville even EXISTED!

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Step aside Brandy Melville models thinking you invented the CaliforniaCoolGirl™ image. I think you’ll find Miss Hallie Parker was serving these looks when you were still in diapers. You see, it all boils down to the fact that she is pulling off pyjama shorts (or something eerily similar) in broad daylight. And I’m a big believer in human evolution’s next major advancement being the introduction of pyjamas as appropriate daywear.

Look #2 — Exactly what Rimmel London’s marketing team envisioned when they told us to “Get the London Look”.

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Then you have Hallie’s twin; Annie James. Her all-tweed ensemble is probably the most memorable outfit from the film. I adore the matching headband too, which was undoubtedly picked up from some fancy London boutique by her mother Elizabeth. For my IRL lifestyle set outside the neighborhoods of inner-city London however, it’s not quite as wearable. So until further notice, I’m sticking with looks worn by Hallie the Cali-CoolGirl™.

Look #3 — Camp Walden serving a Met Gala worthy “CAMP” looks left, right and centre!

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I’ve been told I would make a great Camp Counselor and I’m not sure how to take it. You think I would gain a sick sense of satisfaction from telling eleven-year-olds to shut up and go to sleep? You noticed that I communicate entirely through the anti-establishment performance art of wearing tie-dye in rejection of professional, capitalist aesthetics? You’ve concluded that Camp Counselor is my only possible career move by default? By the way, agree.

Look #4 — Elizabeth James is classier than you’ll ever be! It’s not an accusation, it’s realité.

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Elizabeth James’ ensemble is a reminder that you are not dousing yourself in a full cream ensemble enough. I told my friend days ago that her outfit reminded me of Elizabeth from “The Parent Trap” and she lurched at me with such enthusiasm saying that it was the best compliment she’d ever received. Liz 1, Everyone else in this movie 0.

Look #5 — The ensemble every woman needs when she marries a man 20 years her senior and becomes the evil stepmother his children invariably despise.

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Coming of age is not marked by the emergence of puberty as once thought, but by your attitudes towards Meredith Blake. If you resent her for standing between Hallie and Annie’s well-foiled Parent Trap — you’re a child. If Meredith is your personal aspiration for marrying rich and trying to ship the attached children off to Switzerland, welcome to adulthood! Swirl a martini, swipe on your fave shade of red lipstick and meet us at the bar in 10. We’re so glad you could join us.

Look #6 — Hallie and Annie do a TERRIBLE job at hiding their identities. HelLOoO? I’m not their parents and even I can tell which is which.

Hallie and Annie weren’t telling their parents which twin was which, but those wireframe ray-ban-vibe sunnies on tortoiseshell croakies? ExcUSE me while I lose my shit and steal these from my grandma. Clearly a Hallie look. And that sweet reappearing headband and the peter-pan collar is oh so Annie. I guess the pretense of the movie relies on their parents not taking much notice in the first place though.

Look #7 — I’ve never owned an ascot and I’m realising this is a fatal mistake.

I like these East Coast vibe hiking outfits for the sole reason that knotting flannel around your waist makes you instantly feel like a bonafide hiking pro. Maybe it’s the realisation that any time you feel cold, you can swiftly jump into action and put that shirt to good use.

Look #8 — Adding this look to my Pinterest: effective immediately. I don’t even have a Pinterest. Maybe I’ll sign up just to pin this outfit.

Give a girl a pair of tortoiseshell lenses and an oversized tee and she can take on the world. You know how earlier I said that thing about not taking any notice of the fashion in the film? Well that was a complete and utter LIE because I do remember the XXL tee over the bathing suit look. Eight-year-old me thought that was REAL cool. Then again, I also thought wearing pink converse with my future wedding dress would be cool. The only difference is that I still feel the same about this CuteBlueSuit!

Look #9 — I’ve always kind of been in love with Nick Parker. I can’t tell if I want Meredith to be out of the picture so he can be with Hallie and Annie’s mom or with me…

Hallie’s from California. Get it? C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A. The costume designer really had to chuck her in braids and a plaid shirt to drive the point home. And I have absolutely no problem with any of it. It’s so sincere and so charming.

Look #10 — Remember duffel bag girl? She didn’t have many lines but she was a total badass!

The unsung hero of “The Parent Trap”, proving there are no small parts, only small actors with memorable camp outfits. This and only this was missing from the “Camp” themed Met Ball.

Look #11 — Two words: MEREDITH’S. OUTFIT.

As a past member of the Columbia University Hiking Club, I feel equally embarrassed and ashamed to inform you that I never attempted this look. TBH, If a pipelined black tracksuit and matching half-zipped crop top isn’t the last-ditch motivation you need to work out, I don’t know what is.

Look #12 — Naughties of the Noughties, we love a 2000s girl-gone-rogue.

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Set to the musical ramblings of “Bad to the Bone”, Lindsay Lohan can be spotted wearing the exact same silk varsity jacket in her infamous mugshot as in this equally as famous poker scene.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go spread peanut butter on my Oreos, reevaluate my wardrobe and contemplate whether it’s too late to get my parents back together.

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